Reopening 6/11/21

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To All Our Clients,

With all the challenges we have experienced over the past 14 months, we want to thank so many of you for your patience and understanding.

With Massachusetts lifting COVID protocols on May 29th, we will be moving forward to invite you to accompany your pet during their visit.

Our new guidelines will begin on June 14th as detailed below.

* Curbside service will be continued for medication and food pick ups, technician appointments, surgical drop offs and for any client that feels more comfortable with this option.

*One person for each doctor appointment will be allowed in the building.

*A mask must be worn by clients at all times while in the clinic, one will be supplied if needed. *Clients will continue to call the number on the parking signs to check in. A staff member will call or text you to meet them at the designated door (side door or front door)

*The client must stay in a designated area in the room during the entire visit and allow the staff to handle their pet, continuing social distance protocol.

Your patience and cooperation during this transition is greatly appreciated. The Staff of Bay State Animal Clinic